Datahood Systems

About Us

Datahood-systems is operational on the several technology landscape projects for digital transformation, cloud and infrastructure overall architecture planning, deployment and migration, enterprise software development and making seamless team of enthusiast and down-to-earth and empathic human first technology collaboration. We build bridges for SaaS and product developement with market and customer centric and evolutionary requirements in planning for making it possible to harness cloud infra and CRM capabilities of Salesforce and practice. Our moto is to bring consulting to SMEs and product companies that want to engage with specially Salesforce eco-system and bringing more clarity and transparency in implementation planning and budgeting for the SCRUM and Agile integerated teams. Remote first but EU based as hybrid engagements are possible.

Our innovation hub is focusing on sustainability and meeting the science based targets and brining more awareness in computing the importance of net-zero carbon to your SaaS and industries. We also consult several healthcare and ESG based reporting of the businesses driven by data. Hence our main playground is with data silos that we open for sustainability, analytics and making sure 2030 targets for environmental goals are met. You can consult us for our user-stories that are planned for 2024 in ESG, sustainability and carbon accounting.

We also provide early stage startups the link with our team in Portugal, Lisbon for near-shore remote engagment with Germany, France and Switzerland as well as Netherlands, to make it possible our team is compliant with GDPR and Data security and privacy laws of European Union. Our Berlin office is the main hub for the innovation and customer engagement, business analysis and strategic partnership. Datahood is actively in partner consulting and sales and customer engagment with Salesforce eco-system. We are in early stage to build a team of experienced individuals who are gathering to form a remote EU based teams as well as US to offer you a booster for your products whether B2B, B2C, D2C or XaaS.