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Serverless and Cloud native architecture planing, deployment and migration.

  • Discuss your cloud-native architecture, reduce costs and improve scalability and performace. Bring serverless to core of your SaaS foundation to build faster and economical computing solutions with cloud vendors specially AWS, Google Cloud and MS Azure.
  • Reducing the infra cost by following major key architecture decisions and not compromising the performance and scalability from well-architecture guidelines and experienced cloud budgeting and planning.
  • Planning and harnessing Kubernetes and microservices as well as cloud-agnostic IaC based platform engineering with DevOps mindset in several cloud-native system designs.
  • Event driven or domain driven is not just buzz words we make sure Serverless Lambdas are manageable with site-reliability offerings and platform engineering for cloud and on-prem solutions.
  • More details and use-cases are here.

Digital Transformation with Salesforce practice and consulting partnership

  • Salesforce has huge potential for several vertical industries. Our expertise lies in with implemnting core-offerings from Salesforce cloud and specific out of the box offerings like Net Zero, Health Cloud and Field services.
  • Our trained and hands on empatheic team can boost your SaaS with end-to-end implementation by reducing signficant cost overheads and bring collaboration for your industry specific use-cases. Leveraging partner channels of Salesforce and marketplace packages and API first deliverables.
  • Well-architected and experienced and certified professionals in Salesforce and multi-cloud deployment strategies with AWS and Azure.
  • More Salesforce engagements and use-cases are here.

AI and LLMs for building No-Code/Low-Code based Actions, Triggers and Agents.

  • We have several interesting POCs and MVPs that can significantly reduce the R&D costs and total cost of ownership for software support and incidence management, planning and product ownership.
  • AI Converstaionists for support, sales, emails and marketing automation as well as intelli-data transformation between APIs and services are our key offerings for giving your SaaS and business process advantage that can reduce churn and increase level of customer centricity into the system design and feature engineering.
  • Datahood team is bridging disruptive AI methods that gurantee augmentation solutions for developers platform with LLM based models and agents that significantly reduce time for implementation and dealing with the data security of using LLMs into enterprise systems.
  • Check our use-cases and more details.

Publishing mobile and web-applications and SaaS development and collaboration

  • Add-on like subscription billing with platforms like Zuora and Stripe and integerated and ready to use out of the box solutions for your SaaS and seamless subscription and CPQ integeration. We have worked closely in setting up and optimizing sales and checkout integerations for complex products and offerings.
  • Building Application on mobile for brings us to native mobile frameworks like React Native and Flutter. Our mobile and web-team are proficient in building user-centric and custom apps on multi-platform mobile and cross platform leverage from these frameworks.
  • UX rounds with design-thinkers and developers give us an edge in using design systems and front-ends closer to the customer-centric and robust experience utilizing devices native capabilities.
  • Check our use-cases and service offerings for product engineering and enhancement on published apps in Google and Apple marketplaces.


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